All school preferences expressed by parents must be given equal consideration.

Although there are minor variations in practice across the country, each Local Authority Area shares the following common features:

      • A single Common Application Form (CAF) covers application to all state secondary schools
      • Parents can express at least three school preferences. For Year 7 entry 2022, many CAFs will offer four preferences, due to disruption caused by the pandemic lock down.
      • A child will receive only one offer of a school place


Colyton Grammar School is a Selective Co-educational Academy, responsible for its testing arrangements and admission criteria.

Any applicant achieving an eligible score is considered for entry. There may be more children with eligible scores than places available.

Year 7 September 2022 entry - Applications for 11+ registration will open on 01 April 2021. The application round is now open. Click here to apply.


The Published Admission Number (PAN) is 155 

Entry is determined by performance indicating appropriate ability in the entrance tests. Applicants achieving eligible scores will be ranked on the basis of performance in the tests. All children, including those with an EHC Plan or Statement naming the school must be eligible to be admitted.

Children achieving eligible scores who have an Education, Health and Care Plan naming the school will be admitted.

The Academy Trust will prioritise all applicants with an eligible score using the following oversubscription criteria:

  1. Looked After Children or previously Looked After Children who are on the eligible list*.
  2. Children on the eligible list who are entitled to pupil premium, including the service premium. Parents/guardians will be required to provide evidence of eligibility and the school may request confirmation from the applicant’s home local authority. Children given priority under this criterion fall into the following categories:

    a. children currently registered as eligible for free school meals and children who have been registered as eligible for free school meals at any point in the last six years; and

    b. children whose parent(s) are serving in the regular UK armed forces, to the children of regular armed forces personnel who were serving in the past three years, or to children who are in receipt of a pension under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and the War Pensions Scheme because their parent(s) died on active service with the UK armed forces.

  3. Rank order based on the total score achieved in the tests of children on the eligible list.

Tie-Breaks: In the event of a tied ranking for the last available place, proximity to the school will be used. This will be determined by measuring a straight line from the main school Reception front door to the house address of the applicant, using the Devon mapping system.

* Looked After Children or previously looked after children:

A 'looked after child' is a child who is:

a. in the care of a Local Authority, or
b. being provided with accommodation by a Local Authority in the exercise of their social services functions (see s.22(1) of the Children Act 1989).

A 'previously looked after child' is a child who:

a. was looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted or became subject to a child arrangement order or special guardian ship order. Applications received under the Criterion A must be made by the person with parental responsibility for the child (e.g. the child’s social worker, acting on behalf of the local authority for a looked after child) and will need to be supported by the following official documentation, as applicable: Confirmation by the home local authority that the child is looked after or previously looked after or, Confirmation by the local authority the child has the following order - Adoption Order.


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