UCAS Success for 2017 Leavers

Each year the University & College Admissions Service (UCAS), sends us a report on how our previous year’s applicants fared in relation to those from other schools in their applications to Higher Education. Compared to all other schools nationally, the data would not be very helpful: you would expect our academically talented and ambitious sixth formers to perform well above the average. However, a new service from UCAS allows us to see how our students did in relation to the average performance across a group of five schools of our choosing. Naturally, we were interested to see how our youngsters performed alongside those from the other highest achieving state selective schools.

The statistics showed that, compared to the 76% of students from those other schools who got on to the university course they nominated as their top choice, 82% from Colyton got on to theirs. These figures demonstrate that our students show a competitive edge when it comes to getting their place on university courses which depend, ultimately, on their performance in exams they have yet to sit when they make their decisions of where to apply to.

The stats also showed that in relation to the comparison group, our students were more likely to be given offers of places on courses they applied for (82% vs 78%).

The universities which our students accepted most offers from: Cardiff University, Durham University, the University of Southampton, the University of Cambridge & the University of Warwick.

The most popular courses our students accepted places on: History, Psychology, Medicine, Mechanical Engineering and Biology.

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