Sixth Form Entertainment

At the end of the 2018 spring term, students from year 13 hosted a show in the Cottrill Hall which was a celebration of their time in the school and a light-hearted survey of some of the school’s ‘eccentricities’.

The show was named the CAFTAs (Colyton Art, Film & Television Awards). The show included parodies of clips from well-known films and TV shows, as well as live music and acceptance speeches performed by talented members of the year group. It was extremely well attended with students from all years packing the hall.

There were no spare seats and the show raised a whopping £414 for the charity Dream-A-Way, an Exeter based charity working to make life better for Devon's children and adults with disabilities or life affecting health conditions.

Emeline P. deserves special mention as she was responsible for putting the show on the road.

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