Sixth Form Basketball League

There are many highlights, sporting-wise, for sixth form students at CGS. Often the school teams and house matches get the most publicity and gain the most headlines. However, mention three specific letters to the majority of sixth formers and you will find out about what we feel just might be the most popular sporting competition in the sixth form. The Colyton Basketball Association or the sixth form basketball league - as more commonly referred to by teachers - is a year long competition that has become a major part of sixth form life.

For the past five or so years, year 13 students have been taking on the role of CBA commissioner which involves taking on the organising of the competition, (alongside Mr Robinson who acts as a referee and staff supervisor) and from the off it proved extremely popular. This year was the first year that only involved year 12s and 13s, as in previous years the year 11s had also been welcomed to join in. However, it now seems that this will be the format running for the foreseeable future.

The 2017/18 season that has just finished, saw 10 teams compete for the three end of season titles up for grabs: the cup, plate and wooden spoon. Five teams from each year entered with a variety of all male, all female and mixed teams competing. In previous seasons a group format has been adopted with the teams being split and then entered into the respective competitions; however, this season saw a league format in which all teams played each other, before being drawn in the semi-finals of the competition they qualified for. Year 12 team Playground Predators took home the cup after a 14-11 win over Dark Fruits. Year 13 sides, K.P. and Charles Isn’t Here won the plate and wooden spoon respectively.

If you were to ask sixth form students what makes the yearly competition so great, the same sort of answers will come up. Many enjoy the atmosphere that is created by students from the two years cramming into the sports hall every Friday lunch time to cheer their friends and rivals alike. It has now also become tradition for players and fans to take on the roles of guest writers for the weekly previews and reviews that get posted on the Facebook page, which brings more than a bit of rumour and tension with it. And, as long as students are allowed, the CBA along with all its trimmings looks to become a long-standing sixth form tradition at CGS.

By Max R (year 13)

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