Budding Sixth Form Novelist Blossoms With eBook


The Extended Project Qualification is an opportunity for VI Form students to explore a topic that interests them and undertake academic research to produce a dissertation or an artifact. One student, Mary C, decided to write and self-publish a short romance novel eBook. She wrote, formatted, edited and designed the cover herself using free internet resources.

A Grey Valentine’s took nine months and four drafts to finish, with the complete book at 24960 words. Inspired by local seaside towns during winter and the impact of tourism, it tells the story of a lonely barista stuck in a small town and a tattoo artist searching for inspiration. After a disastrous first meeting, they must work together for the Valentine’s Day event that could save both the struggling café and the decaying town.

Since release, A Grey Valentine’s has already received several five and four-star reviews on Goodreads and the eBook store Smashwords where it was originally published. It is available from several major online eBook retailers such as iBooks, Kobo and Nook.
Mary is currently working on her next novel, a Young Adult Fantasy, which she hopes to traditionally publish. She also runs a blog discussing writing, books, and other subjects she enjoys.

A Grey Valentine’s is available:


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