Will Wallner (Class of 2005)


I'm a rock guitarist and entrepreneur currently living in Berlin, Germany.

My time at Colyton Grammar was very special to me and I have many fond memories. Many of my classmates have remained lifelong friends. I'm very proud to tell people I went to Colyton Grammar School!

After leaving Colyton I moved to Los Angeles to begin a career in music. I toured all over the world, recorded with Grammy award-winning producers, and played with some of the best musicians in the industry. After living in Los Angeles for 5 years I moved to Berlin, Germany and entered the 'Live Escape Game' industry. I opened one of the very first Escape Games in England in 2015 and since then my company has grown to where we now have locations all over Europe. We are currently planning to expand to the US and will open a location in Las Vegas in 2018. Whether I'm recording new music, or starting a new business, I'm always in the process of creating something new. That is what inspires me.

My advice to all students would be to follow your passion. Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion. Having said that, you also need to be smart and cover your bases. If you are considering a career in an artistic field, I strongly advise you study academic subjects and get a good University degree. That way you will always have something to rely on in later life.

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