Neville Pritchard 1968-1975

It was a positive time, but then I have always been positive. Even when out-sized and out fought on the rugby there were things to learn.
My earliest recollection was on day 1 – my first house credit for Howe – given by Miss Clarke for spelling ‘grammar’ correctly! The school, along with my time at St. Luke’s College at Exeter University, gave me a foundation for my personal values, tolerance and approach to life I hold dear today.
Strangest memories? Swimming in October was not fun. Mr Howard once told me ‘’ don’t be silly Pritchard, If it were freezing there would be ice – get in!’ –

1971 cricket mr marshNeville’s Tips and advice:
• Enjoy everything you can – when you can’t, keep context • Be the best you that you can be and take responsibility for being you – your performance, your
social life, your development, your interaction with others, your support of others •LISTEN •Strike a great balance but ‘play’ as long as possible. Whatever your hobby, be ‘in it’ as long as possible. •Don’t let bullies get to you – challenge from the strength of knowing how good you are. And, finally, given recent experiences – value your friendships. Life after School Has been generally fun. Married now for almost 36 years to Eszter who I met at Exeter and she moved here from Hungary. I have two sons, whom I am very proud of and both enjoy cricket.
I taught at St Lukes, then over the following years I gained experience in Training and HR at Legal & General, Abbey National, Barclays in HR before establishing a consulting firm.
Six years in I was ill and since returning have established a new company focussing on Organisation Development. We have developed a new insight and impact system which I hope is established well before finally retiring. I have also enjoyed some industry roles having chaired the Financial ServicesSkills Council Major Employer Forum, been UK president of the American Society for Training & Development and later Chaired their Annual Conference Programme Committee in the USA.
Throughout I continued to play and coach Rugby (until mid- 40s) and Cricket, managing the Bucks Cricket Academy and now a Trustee of the Bucks Youth Cricket Trust.

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