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Feoffees buiding photovoltics

The Bradbeer Legacy Circle is named after Mr Sid Bradbeer, our first legator, who taught at the school from 1948-1981.

In 2008, Sid Bradbeer sadly passed away and the school invested his legacy into a large photovoltaic array on the Feoffees Building. The income generated from this supports students who are unable to cover the costs of residential trips, competitions etc. The Bradbeer Bursaries are essential to our students, and reflect the ethos of the school and that of Sid's views that we are a school for all academically able girls and boys.

In the last 3 years this fund has benefitted 1,880 students.  This is a long lasting legacy for the school, helping improve the student experience and widening participation for students by giving access to residential trips.

We are not a rich school - and a bequest of any size or type will make an incredible difference. Legacies can enhance the fabric and facilities of the school, ensuring that talented young people have the best possible chance to fulfil their potential.

A legacy also enables you to support the school in a way that may not have been practical or possible during your lifetime.

...but I've already made a will
If you have already made a will, a Codicil is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to make a change. Download the CGS Codicil Form and keep the signed copy with your will.

...what about tax?
It's always advisable to seek professional advice, but in general legacy giving is highly tax-effective and will often reduce the overall Inheritance Tax on your estate. It is also free of Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax. I need to let the school know?
It is always helpful for the school to know if someone is planning to give a legacy - but we recognise that this kind of giving is very personal and you may wish either to let the school know, or remain anonymous. We would welcome acknowledgement of a bequeath and your entrance to the Bradbeer Legacy Circle will entitle you to some special benefits.

If you would like to know more about leaving a bequest to the school, please contact us via:

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