Welcome Year 7 Students

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Welcome to Colyton Grammar School!


We hope that the following information will be helpful and should you require any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the school.


Welcome Letter Year 7 Welcome Letter Click here


Good communication between school and home is essential and so we do everything we can to aid access to the information you may need.

The School’s website (www.colytongrammar.com) should be the first point of reference for information. Details of trips and event information are available in the Calendar section, and the Handbook/Documents section provides more detailed information about many of our policies.

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by the use of electronic communication wherever possible - which is also more reliable than finding a note at the bottom of a school bag several weeks later! We, therefore use an internal email service called In Touch to send regular targeted bulletins. We also try to make things easier and more secure with ParentPay and cashless catering to simplify payments for catering and other services. 

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Welcome by Mr Harris,

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SIMS by Mr Stidwell,
Assistant Head

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Settling In by Mr Robinson,
Head of Year 7

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Year 7 – Pupil Perspective

"Everyone is really kind and helpful. It made settling in really easy." Current Year 7 Student 

To assist with the transition process year 7 volunteers have offered their advice.

Settling In Library Sports Top Tips
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Meet The Year 7 Tutor Team

Barring staff changes, in the lower years at Colyton Grammar school you remain with your tutor for both Years 7 and 8. 




 Michael Cronk4

Melanie Lester2

 Mrs Jennifer Benattar2

Mr G Gosling

Jackie Shute7

Mr Cronk

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Mrs Lester

7 Beech

Mrs Benattar

7 Cedar

Mr Gosling

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Miss Shute

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Year 7 Booklet

The Year 7 booklet is a wealth of information and will help guide you through your first few days and weeks. There is a multitude of information held within it, including:

 Welcome Handb ook Click here
  • School Background
  • School Staff
  • The School Day
  • Take 5
  • Clubs & Activities
  • School Map
  • First day – getting ready
  • Reception/Finance/ParentPay/First Aid/Library
  • Lockers
  • Homework
  • Rewards/Sanction
  • The Houses
  • The curriculum
  • School Rules
  • Terms dates

General Equipment

The following is a list of basic equipment that we think a student needs, much of which can be purchased by students in the School's Resources Centre during school hours, at a lower cost than from most retailers. There will be time for your child to purchase anything we stock on the first day of the Autumn Term.

We recommend that students bring with them the following:

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Pencil sharpener
  • 15cm ruler
  • Small glue stick
  • Bag (Backpack large enough to carry day-to-day requirements (up to A4 size folders etc) but not so large that it cannot be carried comfortably!)
  • Mathematical equipment, including ruler, compasses and protractor. Calculators are used frequently and it is a great advantage for students to have their own calculators. We recommend the Casio fx-83GT Plus, which can be purchased from the School's Library.

School Meals

School meals are provided in “Take Five”, the school's restaurant. A wide variety of hot and cold foods is available at reasonable prices and electronic menu boards are on display.

ParentPay is the cashless catering system which operates in ”Take Five”.

Further information on healthy eating and catering at Colyton is on the School website (www.colytongrammar.com)


Please note that we have no involvement for arrangements affecting school transport but suggest that contact should be made with the bus companies concerned as soon as possible. The school has, however, provided a Transport sheet which offers helpful information. Click here for a print ready version.

School Uniform and Dress Code

Click here for full information about the School Uniform and Dress Code (this includes PE kit).

Music – Mr House (Director of Music)

Welcome to the CGS Music department, a very busy and lively place with classroom lessons being part of the entitlement for all students in Years 7 and 8, beyond that over 80 students take GCSE and A-Level music as options, nearly 300 individual lessons are delivered by our team of Visiting Music Teachers, and at least a quarter of the school participate in the range of extra-curricular ensembles.

music at Colyton 

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 Physical Education and Sport – Miss Shute (Director of Sport)

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Home School Agreement

Please review the home-school agreement, sign and return to the admin office. “The home-school agreement looks to foster a partnership between parents, students, teachers, and trustees, which seeks to aid the achievement of full potential be each child.“ Your support in delivering the aims within would be greatly appreciated. Click here to view the Home School Agreement.

Tour of The School

Click here to view a mini tour of the school.

Curriculum Ideas For Year 6

Some areas you may wish to explore:

Subject Resources


  • Take a look at the Art enrichment sheet here



Computer Science

  • Controlling a virtual robot: (A virtual version of a robot we will use in lessons in Year 8)
  • Programming BBC micro:bit: (small hand-held programmable device – website has a simulator to run your programs in – we will use actual device in Year 7 and Year 8)
  • Problem solving: (apply your computational thinking skills – we do this challenge every November – choose the Junior category s that is for Year 6 and 7)


  • Make a start on the books in Bronze Blockbuster Reading Challenge – information already on the school website here



  • By all means use the following website to explore some of the topics we cover in Year 7 History: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/subjects/zk26n39
  • Relevant topics… Normans; The feudal system and the Domesday Book; Thomas Becket and Henry II; The Crusades; King John and Magna Carta; The Black Death; The Peasants' Revolt; Henry VIII; Elizabeth I; Oliver Cromwell; Charles I; The Gunpowder Plot; The English Civil War; Slavery and its abolition; The Industrial Revolution


Modern Foreign Languages


Religion Philosophy & Ethics

Answers to questions from current Year 7

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