Admission to Year 7

The scheme varies in different parts of the country and applicants from outside Devon should obtain details from their Local Authority.

In order to provide all parents with reliable information before submission of the Common Application Form, all applicants to Colyton Grammar School must complete a Registration Form to attend the Test Day.

Year 7 September 2022 entry - Applications for 11+ registration will open on 01 April 2021. 

Deadline for 11+ applications for entry to Year 7 in September 2022 is Midday on Thursday 09 September 2021. Application for other current year groups must be made using a 'Common Application Form' available from your Local Authority.

A registration after the closing date for test registrations will only be accepted for the familiarisation session and entrance tests, where the school is satisfied that illness, bereavement or other circumstance beyond the control of the parent(s) prevented a timely registration or the child moved into the area after the closing date for test registration. Evidence will be required in these circumstances.

Late notification of the testing timetable by a child's current school or otherwise will not be accepted as a reason why timely registration was not possible. Where the school is not satisfied that a timely registration was prevented, any preference expressed for the school on a Local Authority Common Application Form will be refused on the grounds that the school's admission criteria had not been met.

For children whose registration or common application form (or both) were submitted after the closing dates, there will be an opportunity to sit the school entrance tests for consideration after the first round of allocations on 01 March.

Where a child is unable to sit the entrance tests through serious illness, bereavement or other circumstance beyond the control of the parent(s) or the child moved into the area after the test dates, the school will make arrangements for testing to take place during November. Evidence will be required in these circumstances. Children sitting these tests will be considered alongside those children who sat the tests in September 2021.

  1. Following the publication of results, parents seeking a place must complete the Common Application Form, available online from the home Local Authority.
  2. If you live in Devon (or if you are applying only to one or more schools in Devon, including Colyton Grammar School), you should complete a Devon LA Common Application Form.
  3. If you live outside of Devon and will be applying to Colyton Grammar School and one or more schools in your local LA area, you should complete a Common Application Form from your home LA. Your home LA who will forward the relevant details to Devon LA.
  4. The Common Application Form should be returned to the relevant LA by their closing date, usually 31 October.

For any enquiries regarding admissions please contact the Admissions Secretary, Mrs Hitchcock. She can be contacted via email:, or by telephone: 01297 552327


The Ranking Stage

  1. When you complete the Common Application Form you will be asked to rank your preferred schools in the order of your preference (most Local Authorities ask for three preferences; some allow more).
  2. The Local Authority must consider each expressed preference equally, regardless of whether the school was placed first, second, third etc.

This means that for every school named on the form the child is ranked against others applying by the application of the published Admissions Priority criteria.

The priority is not influenced by the school preferences order expressed on the Common Application Form. The School will not be notified of parental preferences before allocation is made.

The Allocation Stage

  1. Allocation of school is made by the Local Authority up to the prescribed number of places available at each individual school. The places are allocated in the order that children appear on the eligible list.
  2. If a child is on the eligible list for one or more schools, then the child is allocated to the school for which the parent expressed the highest preference.
  3. If the child is not on the eligible list of a ‘preferred’ school, then the child will be placed by the Local Authority at the nearest appropriate school with a place available.
  4. The Local Authority will post notification of allocation on 01 March (those who applied by online application will usually receive the decision by email by the same date).

It is important that parents understand that the system of allocation of school places by the LA will mean that if, after applying the Admission Criteria, a child appears on the eligible list of their first preference school, then this is the place that will be offered. A candidate with Colyton Grammar School as a second or third preference, even if eligible by test score, cannot be offered a place if they are eligible for a school for which a higher preference has been indicated on the Common Application Form.

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