11+ test day arrangements

The School Admission Code (section 1.32c) requires that the school informs parents of the outcome of selection tests before the closing date for secondary applications on 31 October to allow parents time to make an informed choice of school – while making clear that this does not equate to a guarantee of a selective place.


Year 7 September 2021 entry - Application for 11+ registration is now Closed. 

Deadline for application for testing: Midday on Wednesday 09 September 2020

Thank you for registering your son/daughter for 11+ testing this autumn. Grammar schools have been provided with guidance by the Department for Education regarding selective school testing this autumn. As always, our testing arrangements, along with those of other grammar schools, have to be in-line with these requirements. The DfE guidance is that Grammar Schools should not be testing in September 2020 as there is a need to allow the new Year 6 children more time back in a normal school setting, before sitting the 11+ test. Provisionally, we are therefore planning to hold this year’s testing later than previously published. We are also looking to spread the testing over two days to reduce the numbers on site at any one time, given the present Covid-19 pandemic. Subject to confirmation, we are therefore provisionally planning to hold the test on Saturday 17 October and Sunday 18 October with each day divided into two testing sessions – morning and afternoon - with each child attending just one of the sessions. Further details regarding the new arrangements will be sent out as soon as possible. In the meantime, please reassure your son(s)/daughter(s) that the tests are based on reasoning skills, not topic based knowledge. However, if you have not already looked at the test familiarisation material available on our web site, we would recommend that you do go through it with your child before the test day. Understanding how the answer sheet is completed and getting used to the idea of working under time constraints will help to reassure your child in preparation for the test. For disadvantaged children, there is an enhanced familiarisation on-line programme created by FROG Media; information on how to access this will be sent to all those who are eligible for Pupil Premium/FSM.

Results Published Mid to late November

Deadline for Common Application Form to the Local Authority: 31 October 2020

National Offer Date: 01 March 2021

Parents must register with the school for testing and apply, using a Common Application Form (CAF), to their home Local Authority, where the child lives, for a place at the school.


An online registration form is required by the school to enable testing to be arranged. This will be made available via a secure page on the school website. Anyone unable to complete an online application should contact the school.

Children may only take the entrance test once in each academic year. Entry is determined by performance indicating appropriate ability in the entrance tests.

Test arrangements are included in the Devon Local Authority (LA) ‘Step by Step’ prospectus, which outlines arrangements for transfer to secondary school. In addition, the school advertises test arrangements in a range of local newspapers and on the school’s website www.colytongrammar.com

Parents/guardians will also have to complete their home Local Authority (LA) Common Application Form, ranking their choice of schools in order of preference. For Devon residents, this is the D-CAF3, available at Devon County Council Admissions Online or by requesting a copy of ‘Step by Step’ from MyDevon on 0345 155 1019. Only the Local Authority will know the preference rankings and forms must be returned to the LA by 31 October in the year prior to admission.

In order to provide all parents/guardians with reliable information before the submission of the Common Application Form, completed test registration forms must be submitted by Midday on 09 September 2020.

A registration after the closing date for registering for tests will only be accepted for the entrance tests where the school is satisfied that illness, bereavement or other circumstance beyond the control of the parent(s)/guardian(s) prevented a timely registration, or the child moved into the area after the closing date for test registration. Evidence will be required in these circumstances.

Late notification of the testing timetable by a child's current school or otherwise will not be accepted as a reason why timely registration was not possible.

Where the school is not satisfied that a timely registration was prevented, any preference expressed for the school on a Local Authority Common Application Form (CAF) will be prioritised without a test score. This will mean that it will be refused on the grounds that the school's admission criteria had not been met.

Where a child is unable to sit the entrance tests through serious illness, bereavement or other circumstance beyond the control of the parent(s)/guardian(s), (notified to the school on or before test day), or the child moved into the area after the test dates, the school will consider these applications to be timely and make arrangements for testing to take place during November. Evidence will be required in these circumstances. Children sitting these tests will be considered alongside those children who sat the tests in September 2020.

For children whose registration or common application form (or both) were submitted after the closing dates and where they were not considered to be timely, there will be an opportunity to sit the school entrance tests for consideration after the first round of allocations on 01 March 2021. Such cases might be if illness prevented a single parent/carer from returning the form on time, if the reason for lateness is supported in writing by a medical professional involved in the case, or if the applicant has moved into the area after the deadline, (evidence will be required). The final decision on whether there are exceptional circumstances will be made by the Admissions Committee.

Under no circumstances should any child or family member discuss, or publish the content of the Entrance Test at any time to ensure the security of the Test. This includes speaking to other children, parents / carers, other family members, their teachers or tutors.

It should be stressed that anything shared may help other candidates and could result in their child not being offered a place.


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