In Science Week, year 9 took part in an off-timetable activity in the Cottrill Hall in which they completed an engineering challenge in groups. They then took part in a STEM careers activity which culminated in talks from two Colyton alumnae who have gone into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) careers after leaving Colyton.

Y9 science week 2018 marble run
Lydia B and Sam B with their marble run

Their engineering challenge was to design and build a marble run using card that could keep their marble moving for as long as possible. They could gain bonus time by including interesting elements in their design and they could sacrifice time to purchase additional card templates.


Y9 science week 2018 winners
The winners: Lorcan F, Danny F, Lottie H, Rebecca H, Anya G

There was frantic activity in the hall as each group worked within the hour that they had available to them to construct their engineering mini masterpieces. Once their time was up, each group was timed, bonuses and deductions were taken into consideration and a winner was announced. Lorcan F, Danny F, Lottie H, Rebecca H and Anya G won with their fantastic construction.

Y9 science week 2018 speaker
Alumna Tracey Poole talks about her career in transport planning

After break, year 9 completed an activity called People like me where they thought about their preferred ways of working and which STEM careers might be suited to them. They then heard talks from two Colyton Alumnae; Sophie Pavelle who shared her experience of Science Communication and her “Wild Cornwall” expedition featured on ITV West Country and in BBC Wildlife magazine; and Tracey Poole who talked about her career with the civil engineering consultancy Atkins, including her most recent project which looks at how autonomous vehicles will interact with transport infrastructure and road furniture and how our road networks can be redesigned to accommodate them.

Mr Lynch, STEM Coordinator said: “It was fantastic to see year 9 so enthused about the Engineering challenge and it was a pleasure to hear Tracey and Sophie’s stories since leaving Colyton. We hope to run this activity again as it was a real success!”

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