Towards the end of the spring term, four year 10 students participated in the Southwest Maths Feast finals held at the MET office in Exeter. along with Maths teacher Mrs Hudson and student teacher Mr Trendall.

The students - Moris S, Rebecca N, Simon M and Grace H - had to work as a team to solve applied mathematics problems with speed and accuracy. The event was organised by FMSP and consisted of four segments designed to evoke practical thinking and creativity.

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Overall the team did very well, especially in rounds one (diagrammatic problems) and three (investigating dice cycles) where they achieved full marks. Mrs Hudson thought that the day was a great opportunity for students to work on unfamiliar Maths problems as a team, which all the students thoroughly enjoyed.

The students then had a tour around the MET office and the highlight of the day was a privileged visit to its £96 million supercomputer facility.

"It was an excellent opportunity to apply my maths skills into the real world and to work as a team solving interesting problems." – Moris

"I thoroughly enjoyed the interesting mathematics problems at this event." - Simon

"It was a great experience we got to do interesting maths problems and learn about the MET office." - Rebecca

Maths Feast June 2018The team pictured hard at work

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