On Friday 27 September, a group of teachers and students from our SWAT partner schools came to Colyton for a Modern Foreign Languages’ meeting. The event was hosted in the library thanks to our librarian Mrs Cox. We had a visiting delegation from seven different schools and fifteen students came in total. The students consisted of a mixture of Y11-13 who were representing their school in the SWAT challenge video competition. The brief of the competition was to make a video celebrating a cultural topic of their choice in French, German, Spanish or Mandarin. Entries included a variety of topics such as art, social issues, grammar, pastimes, school and daily routine. In total, we had nine video entries for the final. Each entry for the final gained a distinctive certificate as the judging proved to be challenging. As teachers were busy judging the videos, students worked together in language groups under the supervision of our A level students Anton Torres and Josie Wells. Then, all students met back in the library to watch all video entries and the final winners were announced with their prizes as follows:

Spanish: Attenborough MFL Spanish TBGS

German: Conviction in MFL TGGS

French: Teacher in the making prize Churston

After lunch, students were given a talk by Mrs Hughes on where languages can take you in the future. During this session, students were able to watch and listen to professionals talking about their careers and how languages play a major part in their position on a daily basis.

The day came to a close after teachers and students discussed the format of the new video competition for this academic year. This will be promoted by Mr Giraudon later on this term.

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