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As you may know, the Oxford Union is the debating society at the University of Oxford. Each term the society hosts visits from world leaders and celebrities: Presidents Nixon, Carter, and Reagan; the leaders of the March for our Lives movement; and the journalists who broke the Harvey Weinstein story have all engaged with the union. The Union also hosts debates on some of the key current issues, from President Trump’s impeachment, the rise of authoritarianism, to solving Climate Change.

The society has recently put together an Oxford Union podcast series, as an alternative to its usual on-location events during this time of social distancing. The podcast has two advantages: speakers come from an even more international background, and content is available to anyone who might be interested as podcasts. Up until June 20 these podcasts are playing host to leading politicians, journalists, activists and actors. These include Gina Miller, Ted Cruz, Katya Adler, Brian O’Driscoll, Loretta Lynch, Christina Lamb, Jeb Bush, the Executive Director of UNAIDS, Jane Goodall, and the Chief Scientist of WHO. The society also hosts debate-style roundtable discussions, on issues ranging from Afghanistan, Russia and the future of the Democratic Party, to the Refugee Crisis. Four of these sixteen podcasts are part of a special series on the COVID-19 crisis.

We would recommend that intellectually enquiring Year 12 students, who are preparing to make applications to university, should be checking what content is available. This could be especially useful where a podcast is related to a course that a student is thinking of applying for.

Linked here is the Union’s online termcard, which contains the full line up of podcasts, including release dates and timings:


These podcasts can be accessed by anyone, entirely free of cost, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and on Listen Notes, as below:




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