National Citizen Service

Nicola R 12B completed the four week National Citizen Service (NCS) immediately after her GCSEs in the summer. The NCS initiative aims to encourage community and social cohesion and, in centres across the country, brings together groups of young people from all walks of life.

For their 'social support' project Nicola's 13 strong syndicate looked at where food banks received donations of food and noticed that supermarket customers only spotted food bank donation baskets after finishing their shop.

So they conceived and created shelf-edge labels to spark customers with the idea of donating, crucially during their shop and signpost appropriate items for donation. After successfully pitching the idea to the manager of Sainsbury’s Exeter branch, as a pilot project, the labels were implemented in store and donations tripled as a result.

This project was awarded the 2018 national 'NCS Social Action Star Award' and these eye-catching labels designed to highlight food products that local food banks most need have now been rolled out by Sainsbury's nationwide.

Sainsbury's said, “It’s been brilliant to work with NCS graduates to roll out their label initiative to all our stores and help reach our target of 1m donations.”

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