Life in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Students were recently treated to an enriching talk from ex-student Hannah Thompson, as part of the school’s ‘come back and inspire’ programme. Hannah had recently returned from a nine-month project working in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Hannah explained that she had been working for the humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières as a French speaking midwife on a project called Kimbi-Lulenge, a project set up to provide vital and lifesaving medical support to pregnant women living there.

Hannah described life in the Congo, its history and geography and gave us an overview of the complexities that come with living and working in such an inhospitable habitat. Nothing comes easy in the Congo, especially when travelling across its vast landscape.

The students took the opportunity to ask Hannah a number of questions like: How did you start learning French? What was your daily life like in the Congo? What will your next project be? Are you going to return there? How did you end up working there?

Hannah answered many more questions like this and told the group that she will be starting a new job as a midwife at Sheffield hospital later in the year. She commented that she is looking forward to being able to talk to women who will understand her rather than trying to converse with local women in Swahili (a common tongue used in East Africa as a language for communication between various nationalities and ethnic groups).

Hannah will undoubtedly return to humanitarian work in the future.

Our students thought her account was really inspiring and it has given them a lot of food for thought.


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Click here to view Hannah's presentation as a PDF.

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