Full Day of Placement Visits

Below is Mr Giraudon's fourth day report from France.


"This morning, we went to three primary schools in Quimper to visit our students. First, we visited Nicola who had spent the morning with little ones and was about to do some maths in French with older students. She introduced herself to the class in French and answered some questions from the students. Then, we went to see Eric and Josie who were in the middle of teaching food vocabulary and opinions in English to their class before reading them the story of the hungry caterpillar. The class teacher commented on their excellent knowledge of the French language and said they were interacting really well with the students. Then, we arrived at the third school for lunchtime. Maddie and Delilah were just finishing an English class with some CM2 (Year 6 children), supervised by the headteacher of the school. She was delighted with both girls and asked if she could keep them until the end of the year. After a short visit of the school, we headed to Plogonnec, a little village outside of Quimper to see Megan.

Before going to the school, we tasted some galettes and crêpes in the local crêperie. The primary school was located on the edge of the village and we found Megan teaching clothes in English to a small class. She then did a bingo activity followed by a game of duck duck goose in the playground. The students really enjoyed this new game and also the fact the Megan played football with them. All students have learnt a lot of French with the children and really enjoyed this experience although some said: they couldn't believe how much energy had and how they appreciated even more the work teachers do.

All the staff we met on our visits were really complimentary of our students, their engagement, manners and impressive language skills. All in all, a really nice positive work experience for them with lifelong memories to hold on to and share with friends and family."


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