Cup Cakes For Sale

For Red Nose Day 2019, a few of us from Elm House decided to bake as many cupcakes and cakes as we possibly could. We had Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to bake and we came out of it with just over 100 cupcakes! We then went on to sell these on Friday 15 March (Red Nose Day) to raise as much money as we could. We sold all through tutor time, the Elm assembly, first break and second break. Sadly we could not sell at lunch because all 112 treats were gone by the end of second break.

We then counted the money and we had raised a whopping £92.01! But there was a twist; everybody that bought a cupcake wrote down their name in a table that we had pre-prepared. During Monday assembly we will draw one of the names from a hat and the lucky person will win THREE freshly baked cupcakes!

7 Elm Cupcake fundraising team:

Veronica K, Hannah R, Flora L, Toby L



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